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The year 1893 marked a turning point in history for the city of Chicago. At the peak of the Second Industrial Revolution, the Chicago World's Fair opened on May1st, 1893. Showcasing innovations in architecture, transportation, sanitation, the arts, and industrial technology, the Chicago World's Fair profoundly changed the city's trajectory. With more than 27 million attendees, the scale and grandiosity of the Chicago World's Fair far exceeded its predecessors, and it became a symbol of American Exceptionalism.

It was not only the development of these innovations that changed the course of history; it was the large scale exhibition and free sharing of ideas that truly put Chicago on the map as an industrial and cultural hub.

At 1893 Wealth Management, not only are we proud Chicagoans, but we also work according to the same ideals that brought about the Chicago World's Fair. We are innovative and on-the-ball, diverse in our expertise and perspectives, and freely share our network of resources and professionals with those we are lucky to call clients. We are here to help you accomplish what you set out to do and, as shown by the Chicago World's Fair, we are stronger together.