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Integrated Wealth Management Model

You'd like an ongoing planning relationship. Based on your unique goals and priorities, we provide a 360-degree deep dive into your current planning and a comprehensive financial plan. We then assist in implementing all aspects of the plan, including coordination with your current team (CPAs, attorneys, etc.) where needed. You receive full access to the 1893 Wealth Management team and Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group through an annual asset under management fee.

Financial Architect Model

You are looking for clarity around your financial picture but aren't ready yet to commit to an ongoing relationship. For an upfront planning fee based on a 12-month engagement, we create the "blueprint" for your financial plan, offering key insights, strategies, and recommendations. You can then implement the plan with 1893 Wealth Management, through other providers, or a combination of these options.

Consultation and Subject Matter Expertise

You need our unique expertise on one specific aspect of your financial plan, such as building a sophisticated insurance strategy for estate planning.  In this instance, we consult on one piece of a larger puzzle using our experience in areas most planners are not familiar with.